Megan Boettcher is an American artist, working in a variety of media, from video and photography to writing and film to installation and performance.

Megan’s artistic practice centres on the use of her body, both in its form and in its ability to convey, emote, and create. Megan began her career using self-portraiture and continues to use it as an artistic tool as her practice evolves. However, self-portraiture did not completely satisfy her bodily need to move, create, and perform. Working in installation allowed even more physicality in creating her work, growing her practice. More recently, Megan has added performance and film to her repertoire, an exciting addition that brings elements of immediacy and interaction into her work, making the once private, public.

Whether it be her dreams or life events, the themes presented in Megan’s work are not always easy. The drive to understand and process the traumatic, puzzling, and uncanny in her life is the core of Megan’s work. Her art aims to start a dialogue and question topics often ignored, especially those society hushes. While Megan recognizes the difficulty in baring one’s inner battles and discussions society makes scarce, she strives to honestly convey human experiences, showing those who have also undergone trauma that they are not alone.

Megan was born and raised in a small town in Minnesota. She graduated from the local liberal arts university in 2015 with a degree in studio art.


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